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The Legion of Valor of the USA is the oldest Veteran Service Organization in the nation dating continuously from 1890. Its members are recipients of the nation’s two highest honors for valor in combat – the Congressional Medal of Honor and the individual armed services awards for extraordinary heroism in combat – the Navy Cross, the Army Distinguished Service Cross and the Air Force Cross. The stories of 2946 medal recipients dating back to the birth of our nation are contained in these pages. Approximately 345 of these recipients are alive today, dating from World War II to present, and who continue to serve as role models for our nation. These members of the Legion of Valor continue to serve our nation in a myriad of ways. We encourage you to view these pages (scroll down to the bottom of this page to search for individual medal recipients stories) with the aim of learning about the extraordinary men and women who have pledged their lives to our nation – many have paid the ultimate price to ensure our liberty. Let us know how our members can help your organization reinforce the importance of truth, honor and patriotism in today’s world. Learn more. Did you know there was a National Legion of Valor Day?

Members in the News

Nicholas Jones NC is our newest member. Nicholas was awarded the Navy Cross for actions in Northern Iraq while serving as Element Leader, Marine Special Operations Team 8232 in support of Operation INHERENT RESOLVE. Jones is 2946th medal recipient to be added to our rolls since 1890. Fewer than one in 20,000 combatants are awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor or Service Cross. Nicholas is now serving as founder and president of Talons Reach Foundation, an organization serving the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community, offering our nation’s SOF warriors an opportunity for sanctuary, mindfulness, and the tools and resources necessary to accelerate the path to recovery.

130th Annual Convention – 2022

The Legion of Valor’s 130th Annual Convention convenes in Williamsburg VA, 27 April – 1 May after a 2-year hiatus due to COVID 19. The Convention offers an extraordinary opportunity for members, associate members, family and friends to convene for fellowship, education and remembrance. This year’s educational focus is on our nation’s early history at Williamsburg and Yorktown. At least one WWII member and his wife have registered. Learn more at our Convention website and register to attend.

Legion of Valor Awards Program

The Legion of Valor annually awards ROTC/JROTC’s most prestigious award, the Bronze Cross for Achievement to 60-80 cadets nationwide from all services. Recipients of the Bronze Cross are exceptional achievers in education, military training and community service, and often go on to be commissioned officers in the armed services. View this years Bronze Cross recipients. An example of one of this year’s award winners is Cadet Lily Sharp, Commanding Officer of the NJROTC unit at Joshua High School, Joshua TX. Cadet Lily received the Bronze Cross for Achievement on October 27, 2021 in a special ceremony at the school. Presenting the award were LOV Past National Commander Don Mason NC and Vice Admiral (USN Ret) David Robinson NC. Cadet Sharp was recognized for her academic achievements, outstanding military leadership skills, and a strong commitment to service in the Joshua community. She was one of only 21 NJROTC cadets nationwide to receive the Bronze Cross in 2021. She plans to attend Texas A&M University in the ROTC program following high school graduation in 2022. Learn more.

Members Making a Difference in our Nation

Many Legion of Valor members continue to serve our nation and local communities through extraordinary achievements in science, engineering, education, public service, veterans affairs and national patriotism. Here are several examples.

Barry Gasdek DSC, Past National Commander

Barry Gasdek DSC works tirelessly serving as the Veterans Service Officer for the State of Wyoming working with veterans and veterans organizations. The Department of the Army recently awarded the PUBLIC SERVICE COMMENDATION MEDAL to Barry in a ceremony at the Governor’s Reception in Cheyenne WY. Governor Mark Gordon presented the Award for achievements as the Wyoming Army Reserve Ambassador. There were about 200 VIPs, legislators, local community leaders, and Air and Army Guardsmen in attendance, at the event.

Donald Marx AFC, Past National Commander, National Adjutant

Donald Marx AFC was inducted into Purdue University’s Tri-Service Hall of Fame for a lifetime of contributions in science, engineering, military and public service. He and his wife Joanne, served as International Transparency Advisors in Afghanistan for three years, assisting the Minister of Mines and Petroleum to successfully tender corruption-free hydrocarbon and mineral leases. Each were awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the US Secretary of Defense for assisting the Ministry in meeting International standards for transparency in the highly corrupt environment of Afghanistan.  Their story was told in Harpers Magazine. Mr. Marx continues to serve as a consultant in aerospace engineering and information technology at 80 years of age.

Justin Lehew NC, Sr. Vice Commander 2021-2022

Justin Lehew NC serves as the Chief Operating Officer of History Flight, the world’s most successful private MIA search and recovery organization. History Flight is a privately operated, 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization dedicated to researching, recovering and repatriating America’s service members back to United States of America. These individuals have been listed as Missing in Action (MIA) or deemed non-recoverable during the past American conflicts of WWII, Korean War, Cold War, and Vietnam War. There are currently over 81,900 missing American service members around the world. Recovery operations of this magnitude are only successful through the contributions of dedicated organizations and individuals doing their part to ensure that the heroes of our past conflicts; who have given the last full measure in order to secure the freedoms and liberties we enjoy today, are not forgotten.

Veterans Memorial Museum, “Home of the Legion of Valor”

The deeds of our medal recipients, and indeed all veterans, is captured for history in the many military and veterans museums throughout the nation. The Home of the Legion of Valor in Fresno CA highlights the heroic actions of our members while telling the broader story of soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen in all of our nation’s conflicts. The museum has embarked on a “digital upgrade” to make more of the museum’s stories and artifacts available online. Support to the museum’s modernization is a major focus for 2021-2022. We encourage the public to visit the museum and contribute to the cost of bringing its operations to today’s digital standards. Learn more.

Support to Educators, ROTC/JROTC Units, Veterans Organizations and Community Organizations

Legion of Valor members are available to support educational activities and for organizational/community activities on a limited basis. If you would like to invite a Legion of Valor recipient to be a speaker at your event please complete this form and we will try to accommodate your request. Speaking engagements are very limited at present due to COVID 19 restrictions. View sample speaker pamphlet.


Invitation to Join the Legion of Valor

For many Medal of Honor and Service Cross recipients, it was in the horrors of war at an exceptionally perilous time that they were called upon to demonstrate extraordinary heroism — when their comrades were at severe risk, and only an extraordinary act could make a difference. They placed loyalty and service to their comrades above self — prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. Because you are reading this, you survived. Many in your place did not. IN THAT BRIEF MOMENT IN TIME YOU JOINED A UNIQUE BROTHERHOOD. You Are Not Alone — The Home of Your Brotherhood is the Legion of Valor. We encourage you to learn more about membership in the Legion of Valor. View our invitation to youApply for membership.

The Legion of Valor is the nation’s oldest Veteran Service Organization (VSO), chartered by Congress, to recognize achievements of extraordinary heroism in combat, and to provide permanent support to the organization’s goals of patriotism.

Enhanced Member Profiles

The 2946 citations in these pages tell but a brief capsule of extraordinary acts of heroism. The LOV’s goal is to expand these stories to capture more of the remaining living members perspectives in combat, so that today’s viewers and historians can learn more about the men and women behind the deeds captured in the short citations.

Search John Murray DSC for an example. We encourage all living members to contribute to these efforts – so that the future can better understand the past. You may submit details via the LOV smartphone or desktop app, or email to adjutant@legionofvalor.org.

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