CAPT Charles S Brookes

CAPTAIN CHARLES S. BROOKES (then Lieutenant), U.S. Navy, for the Gold Star in lieu of the Second Navy Cross. For extraordinary heroism while serving as Pilot of a Torpedo Bomber in Torpedo Squadron SIXTEEN, attached to the U.S.S. RANDOLPH, during action against major units of the Japanese Fleet at the Kure Naval Base in the Inland Sea of Japan the morning of July 24, 1945. Gallantly leading his fourteen-plane flight in over the target area in bold defiance of a withering hail of antiaircraft fire set up from powerful guns on shore and ships in the harbor, Lieutenant Brookes skillfully maneuvered for maximum striking power and, diving relentlessly through the shattering barrage, released his bomb load at perilously low altitude to score a direct hit and two near misses on a Japanese battleship carrier. By his superb airmanship, aggressive determination and indomitable spirit, maintained in the face of tremendous odds, Lieutenant Brookes contributed materially to the sinking of a vital hostile Fleet unit and to the success of our aerial offensive against the Japanese homeland. His valiant devotion to duty throughout the fierce action reflects the highest credit upon himself and the United States Naval Service.

Captain Brookes resides in New Mexico.
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