CAPT Charles W Aldrich

CAPTAIN CHARLES W. ALDRICH, for extraordinary heroism while serving as Commanding Officer of the United States Ship MASSEY during operations against the enemy in the Okinawa area from 2 May to 24 June 1945. During this period, his ship performed the vital and hazardous duty of Fighter Director ship on Radar Picket Station for a total of twenty-five days. Under constant threat of enemy attacks and subjected to almost continuous alerts, his heroic leadership maintained his crew at a high peak of efficiency. On 6 June 1945, the unit of which the MASSEY was part, was subjected to coordinated suicide attack by two large groups of planes. By his fearlessness, calmness, and tactical skill, he was able to prevent any damage to the other ships of the unit by maneuvering around them and directing fire from his ship in such a manner that it meterially aided in the destruction of eight of the attacking planes. His conduct and performance of duty were an inspiration to those under him and were at all times in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

Captain Aldrich joined the Legion of Valor in 1988 and resided in California.

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