BMCM George Ajdukovich

Master Chief Boatswainís Mate George Ajdukovich was awarded the Navy Cross for his extraordinary heroism on 7 October 1969 while serving as patrol officer of two river patrol boats in a night waterborne guardpost on the Muo Hai Canel, Republic of Vietnam. When an enemy grenade was thrown from the bank of the canal and landed on the craft in which Chief Petty Officer Ajdukovich was embarked, he immediately seized the grenade and clasped it to his body in an attempt to protect the lives of his fellow crewman. Seconds later, when the deadly missile failed to explode, he hurled it into the canal where it detonated underwater almost instantly. With his two patrol boats now under heavy concentration of automatic weapons fire from four enemy positions on the river bank, Chief Petty Officer Ajdukovich requested air support and immediately directed a devastating barrage of suppressive fire while leading his units clear of the kill zone. Unable to make any further firing on the entrenched enemy force when one of the patrol boats became disabled, Chief Petty Officer Ajdukovichís patrol illuminated and mortared the hostile area until air cover arrived on the scene, and then continued illumination of the target area to help maximize the effects of the air strike. By his valiant fighting spirit, inspiring leadership, and selfless devotion to duty, Chief Petty Officer Ajdukovich was greatly instrumental in leading his patrol to safety without sustaining a single personnel casualty. His heroic initiative was in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

BMCM Ajdukovich joined the Legion of Valor in 1975 and resided in California.

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