PFC John L Barkley

John L. Barkley, Private First Class, U.S.Army, Company K, 4th Infantry, 3rd Division. Place and date: Near Cunel, France, 7 October 1918. G.O. No. 44, W.D., 1919. Citation: PFC Barkley, who was stationed in an observation post half a kilometer from the German lines, on his own initiative repaired a captured enemy machinegun and mounted it in a disabled French tank near his post. Shortly afterward, when the enemy launched a counterattack against our forces, Pfc. barkley got into the tank,waited under the hostile barrage until the enemy line was abreast of him and then opened fire, completely breaking up the counterattack and killing and wounding a large number of the enemy. Five minutes later an enemy 77 millimeter gun opened fire on the tank pointblank. One shell struck the drive wheel of the tank, but this soldier nevertheless remained in the tank and after the barrage ceased , broke up a second enemy counterattack, thereby enabling our forces to gain and hold Hill 25.

Mr. Barkley was a Life Member.

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