COL John V Allison

Lieutenant Colonel John V. Allison for extraordinary heroism in military operations against an armed enemy of the United States as an Aircraft Commander during the Prisoner of War search and rescue operation at Son Tay, North Vietnam, on 21 November 1970. On that date, Colonel Allison flew a helicopter loaded with Special Forces troops into an extremely hostile environment. Prior to landing, he recognized that circumstances existing in the vicinity of the objective were considerably different than expected. He correctly assessed the new conditions, and at risk of life under adverse circumstances and without direction, implemented an alternate plan. Acting on his own, Colonel Allisonís decision to undertake a new plan and deliver sustained accurate fire on the major enemy threat, a guard billet, played a large part in the tactical success of the operation. After all buildings were searched, Colonel Allison, without regard for his personal safety, landed and picked up and safely returned his troops through heavy surface-to-air missile activity. Through his extraordinary heroism, superb airmanship, and aggressiveness in the face of the enemy, Colonel Allison reflected the highest credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Col. Allison is a life member and resides in Florida.

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