CAPT Paul Kerns

CAPTAIN PAUL KERNS, for extraordinary heroism in the line of his profesion while attached to the Guardia Nacional de Nicaragua, for assuming command of a Guardia patrol engaged in an attack on a vastly superior force of bandits under Israel Peralta. When the Patrol Commander was mortally wounded and one enlisted guardia wounded, he skillfully and courageously continued the attack till nightfall, forcing the bandits to withdraw. In an unknown tropical jungle, out of communication with Department or Area Headquarters, far beyond the reach of any supporting troops, without food and but little ammnunition, he remained with his wounded comrade for twenty-four hours making heroic efforts to prolong the life of his Commanding Officer until the arrival of professional medical aid. The patrol was without food for three days when relief was received in the form of an aeroplane drop of food and medicine. The action of Sergeant Kerns in continuing the combat to a victorious conclusion against vastly superior forces saved the day for the Guardia, wiped out the stigma of the loss of Matiguas and had a lasting effect on the morale of the Guardia and the civil population of the Central Area. His action in remaining in a dangerous situation in the hope of saving the life of his Commanding Officer and caring for and carrrying back the Guardia Corporal are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps.

CAPT Kerns resided in Washington State.

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