CAPT Quentin R Walsh

COMMANDER QUENTIN R. WALSH was awarded the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism as Commanding Officer of a United States Naval Reonnaissance Party assigned the mission of reonnoitering the Naval Facilities and Arsenal at Cherbourg, France, June 26 and 27, 1944. A gallant and aggressive leader, Commander Walsh courageously engaged in active street fighting with the enemy as he led his party in the skillful penetration of the eastern half of the city and, while advancing through scattered pockets of resistance and extremely hazardous areas which were still subjected to hostile fire, accepted the surrender of approximately four hundred enemy forces at the Naval Arsenal and disarmed them. Subsequently receiving the unconditional surrender of three hundred and fifty other officers and men, he released fifty-two United States Army Paratroopers who were prisoners in the fort. Commander Walsh’s brilliant initiative, inspiring leadership and successful accomplishment of a difficult mission relfect great credit upon himself, his command and the United States Naval Service.

CPT Walsh had been a member since 1985.

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