MG Spencer B Akin

Major General SPENCER B. AKIN, was granted the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism in action in the vicinity of Santa Barbara, Pampanga, Philippine Islands, on December 31, 1941. While returning from an inspection of Signal installations in Cuagua and Bucalor, conducted in the face of hostile aerial bombing and consequent oil and gasoline fires, and explosion of ammunmition dumps en route, Brigadier General Akin was halted by a severe traffic congestion at a bridge on the Luboa-Leyac road in the vicinity of Santa Barbara. Despite the concentration of aerial bombs bursting in the congested area, this intrepid officer left his vehicle, walked to the center of the traffic block and proceeded, while under fire, to untangle and direct traffic until the normal flow was restored. By his courageous exploit, efficiently performed without regard for the serious personal hazards involved, the exodus of troops, civilians, guns and supplies to the south was expedited, and destruction of personnel and material incident to the concentrated bombing target presented by the extensive traffic block was minimized. General Akin at that time was serving as Signal Officer for General MacArthur, a post which he held throughout World War II. During this period, he was promoted to Major General and later became Chief Signal Officer of the Army.

Gen. Akin resided in Virginia.

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