PVT Walter E Ahrens

WALTER E. AHRENS, received the Distinguished Service Cross for his extraordinary heroism during the invasion of Southern France on 15 August 1944 when he was a member of a tank crew with the assault force. After his tank drowned out upon debarkation from its LCT during the initial assault on one of the most strongly held beaches in Southern France, Private Ahrens, Displaying superior initiative and leadership, issued the order to breach the six-foot high, four-foot wide defense wall which streched across the beach. Working under continuous enemy fire, he secured demolitions from his tank, swimming and crawling back and forth toward his objective, until a considerable quantity of demolition charges were placed against the wall. As a result of this action, a twelve foot wide gap was made in the wall. Private Ahrens’ gallant action enabled the succeeding waves of infantry, combat tanks, and vehicles to pass through quickly and destroy the enemy.

Mr. Ahrens joined the Legion of Valor in 1963 and resided in Georgia.

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