BG Walter F Alt

BG Walter F AltWALTER F. ALT, near Bois-d-Loges, France, Nov. 1, 1918. R-Buffalo, N.Y. B-Buffalo, N.Y. G.O. No. 49, W.D., 1922. First Sergeant, Company G, 309th Infantry, 78th Division. With another soldier, Sergeant Alt went to the rescue of an officer and several men of his company who were severely wounded and were lying in some bushes more than 100 yards to the front. Crossing and recrossing five times an open area which was under a heavy high-explosive shell fire and swept by machine-gun fire, he brought in the officers and wounded men of the party. The soldier who accompanied Sergeant Alt was instantly killed by machine-gun fire in the attempt to effect the rescue.

BG Alt was National Commander of the Legion of Valor 1960-1961 and resided in New York.

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