CWO William Paul

CWO. WILLIAM PAUL, received the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism on 12 May, 1930. In command of ten guards, First Sergeant Paul accompanied a party of Government officials to Habitation Deck, Republic of Haiti, for the purpose of seizing state property on which the tenants refused to pay rent. Two hundred and fifty of these inhabitants were armed with machetes and spears and refused to permit the seizures. First Sergeant Paul was subjected to considerable personal danger in attempting to disarm the mob, and although he was struck on the head with a rock, knocked down and dazed, he continued to expose himself to personal danger. By his quick decision and excellent judgment he succeeded in escorting the party of Government officials to a place of safety and successfully exectuted his mission without firing into the mob.

Mr. Paul joined the Legion of Valor in 1963 and resided in Southern California.

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