RADM Henry C Bruton

Rear Admiral HENRY C. BRUTON received his third Navy Cross as a result of his extraordinary heroism and outstanding devotion to duty while still in command of the U.S.S. GREENLING on Combat Patrol in hostile waters during the period from December 9, 1942, to January 31, 1943. Pursuing daring and effective tactics, Commander Bruton skillfully maneuvered the GREENLING into the most advantageous attack position during each engagement and boldly struck at the enemy, sinking one 1,500 ton destroyer, three medium-sized cargo vessels and one small escort vessel, a total of 20,700 tons, and damaging a large tanker of 9,000 tons. His brilliant seamanship enabled the GREENLING to evade damage from vigorous counter-attacks by the Japanese surface vessels following these actions.

Admiral Bruton joined the Legion of Valor in 1963 and resided in Paris, France.
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